What I learned from a tough couple weeks at work.

I’ve been in product management for just over a year, but it still feels like I am incredibly new.

I love the role. I love the company. I love the people on my team… but the past couple weeks have been bad weeks. And it has partially been my fault.

The good news is that it gives me a lot of opportunity to learn. Here is what I was reminded of this past week.

Write About The Problems, Not Solutions

I think product managers are problem solvers by nature, and our view into many departments gives us the rare ability to make connections, but I think our real power is the ability to bring people together.

Instead of writing out a solution, I should use those connections to deeply understand the problem.

I should write about the pain point the business or our consumers are experiencing.

Then I should bring in people who understand all the tools and platforms out there to hear the business needs and make recommendations.

Those recommendations should flow into functional support plans.

Focus On Tomorrow

It seems natural that the end of the year is spent planning the next year. When you have a long term roadmap, it feels like all the work can be done or touched now.

People might start focusing on work that might not happen until Q3.

If it happens.

It probably depends on the success of what is happening in Q1 or Q2. It is always good to know what is coming so that you can get on other people’s roadmaps, but your efforts should always focus on ensuring there is a Q3.

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