Scaling isn’t your problem.

I know a business. It’s a good business and makes a lot of money.

I know the marketers there. They are good marketers with great credentials.

Like all businesses, they want to grow.

Sales says “We need more leads,” and they turn to marketing. Marketing has a recipe for leads, so they think about how to “double the batch.” They just need to scale up what works.

Automation can seem like an easy way to send more. We’ll build complex funnels powered by data and machine learning.

In an universe of infinite prospects, that makes sense. But that isn’t where we live and it definitely isn’t true of the space where this business operates.

How many emails did you get today that you didn’t open?

How many webpages did you skim?

How many calls did you silence?

How many ads did your blocker catch?

How much did all that cost?

Scaling the volume of messages isn’t the issue. The issue is quality and timing. Send the right message at the right time to the right person and you can send it once.

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