I started out in digital marketing a little over a decade ago. It was, like most careers, more accidental than intentional. I was living in Chicago pursuing my career in classical music when... well... I needed to pay bills. 

My first marketing job was with a poker startup called CardRunners. Since it was a lean team, I was able to gain exposure into many areas of the business, but marketing made sense. People ask how marketing related to music, but they were really the same game; Know your audience, come up with a communication, send it, see the response, and refine. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that my future wasn't with a symphony, but with an agency. Since then I've consulted with well over 200 business ranging across verticles from dentist offices to gun ranges. I've advised on everything from digital marketing strategy to product design. 

But why do I write? 

Truthfully, I hate writing. I also feel extremely self-conscious about my writing style and, honestly, my ideas. But if I have learned anything in my career it is that the only way to learn is to publish. And so, I write. To that end, I truly welcome you feedback on anything you see here. Good, bad, it's all valuable.